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  1. sophatchann

    5 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Is the Future of Work

    Human emotion is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Emotions start wars and create peace; spark love and force divorce. While unavoidable, emotions are also indispensable sources of orientation and propel us to take action. But unbridled emotion can make us and those around us to act...
  2. sophatchann

    How To Connect Passion and Purpose For Fulfillment In Life

    If you want to experience true happiness, joy, and personal fulfillment in life, look in the direction of your passion and purpose. For most people, these two often take the back seat because of the need for survival—working around the clock to pay the bills and live a good life. However, when...
  3. sophatchann

    12 Learning Strategies to Help You Retain Information Fast

    Learning is the input for growth and acts as a crucial aspect of life. If you want to experience growth in all avenues, then you need to invest in learning strategies. However, learning takes time, and time is a rare asset. So, how can you maximize your time by learning and retaining information...
  4. sophatchann

    Certified Trade Finance Professional

    This certification is suitable for Senior corporate banking relationship managers, senior corporate treasury professionals and specialists within transaction banking functions & Treasury executives, as well as business development, compliance and legal officers. Comprising 5 core courses and 4...
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    "Be Yourself and Love Each Other: Be Positive." - Sophat Chann

    CEO & Founder of Sec Source Enterprise Ltd. Chancellor of Sec Source Institute.
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    Global Governance Masters Programs

    The Master of Arts in Corporate Governance is a specially designed postgraduate degree for non-law degree holders who want to gain a Master's qualification in law. This course focuses specifically on developing an in-depth knowledge of Corporate Governance in Practice. Join the program now